2018: #SayItWithStitchGY

#SayItWithStitchGY is a new project I have developed in collaboration with Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust. It builds upon the Craftivism movement-inspired work from 2017 which took part within the St John’s Textile Kneeler project, including this workshop I delivered.

Craftivism (craft + activism) is a worldwide movement which incorporates gentle activism with craft, specifically sewing and textile arts. Betsy Greer, who coined the term in 2003, describes Craftivism as “a way of looking at life where voicing opinions through creativity makes your voice stronger, your compassion deeper & your quest for justice more infinite”.

The Great Yarmouth-based #SayItWithStitchGY project will champion environmental causes which are relevant to the local area. The aim will be to raise awareness of issues, such as marine pollution and litter, through positive and inspirational mediums. There will be workshops and events as part of the project, which can be found by searching #SayItWithStitchGY on social media. Plus, following the project’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust supports #SayItWithStitchGY through project development from Rachel Harrison, use of workshop and exhibition space.

Artwork and textile provocations from the #SayItWithStitchGY project will feature in ‘Space a Waste’ exhibition at Skippings Gallery, Kings Street, Great Yarmouth from Tuesday 24th April to Tuesday 1st May.