2021: Yarmouth Springs Eternal

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Yarmouth Springs Eternal is an arts, nature and walking project based in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. It will take place from the Spring Equinox to Summer Solstice in 2021. The overall ethos of Yarmouth Springs Eternal project is about connecting with nature and seasons, with a particular focus on overlooked spaces and everyday interactions. The project will also explore the importance of this relationship on our wellbeing, the feeling of wholeness connecting with nature can bring, and the “awe” of being part of something bigger. Yarmouth Springs Eternal is also underpinned by research outlining the inequality of access to green space in the UK.

You can follow updates on about Yarmouth Springs Eternal on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and read more about the project activities in my blog.

Exhibition – Wednesday 19th May to Sunday 20th June 2021

PRIMEYARC, Market Gates Shopping Centre, Great Yarmouth, NR30 2BG | Open daily: Monday-Saturday 12pm to 5:30pm + Sunday 12pm-4:30pm

Find out more on the Norfolk & Norwich Festival website

Conference – Saturday 22nd May 2021

PRIMEYARC, Market Gates Shopping Centre, Great Yarmouth, NR30 2BG | 12pm to 5:30pm, schedule tbc

Book your free ticket on the Norfolk & Norwich Festival website

Free public arts & nature events – june 2021

PRIMEYARC, Market Gates Shopping Centre, Great Yarmouth, NR30 2BG | We will be hosting a series of drop-in and bookable artist-led walks and events that explore creativity connected to the natural world

  • Tuesday 8th June | 10.30am FULLY BOOKED and 1pm | Sonic Landscapes with Bill Vine
  • Wednesday 9th June | 2pm (general public) and 4pm (Educators/artists working with Primary children) | Wandering Viewpoints with Jacques Nimki
  • Saturday June 12th 12 – 4pm | #MyJam Culture Sharing Lab
  • Wednesday June 16th | 10am FULLY BOOKED | Cyanotype Photography with Genevieve Rudd
  • Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th June | Saturday: 10:30am and 3pm, Sunday: 10:30am and 4pm | Photowalk with Jason Evans

All events are planned to follow and adhere to COVID-19 guidelines

Yarmouth Springs Eternal Play Book

The Yarmouth Springs Eternal Play Book features creative activities, prompts and ideas for all ages to discover ways to connect with the natural world, especially whilst walking around town centres like Great Yarmouth on the Norfolk coast. The Play Book is a useful companion to take on a walk for playful inspiration

The Play Book features ideas from Georgie Manly, Genevieve Rudd, Gia Leboeuf Mawusi, Kaavous Clayton and Mark Cator. These artists led the initial community walks/workshops programme from April 2021 in partnership with local members of the community. It was designed and printed by Norwici Print, and made possible with funds from Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants

You can pick up a printed copy from PRIMEYARC in Market Gates Shopping Centre, Great Yarmouth or download a version to print at home

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supporters & funders

Yarmouth Springs Eternal is led by Genevieve Rudd, in partnership with Great Yarmouth-based arts charity originalprojects;. The project is made possible with generous funding and support from Norfolk & Norwich Festival’s Creative Individuals Norfolk fund, Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants, East Anglia Art Fund, Norfolk County Council’s Arts Project Fund and Better Together Norfolk.

Project background

The project will consist of:

Plants growing through the cracks in a flint wall in Gorleston-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth, captured during lockdown in Spring 2020
  • Artist-led community walks/workshops starting from the Spring Equinox with GYROS and Herring House Trust clients, connecting with the natural world in Great Yarmouth using the arts, led by Mark Cator, Ligia Macedo, Georgie Manly, Kaavous Clayton and Genevieve Rudd
  • Booklet featuring the creative work produced by artists and participants during the workshops
  • Public exhibition in late Spring at Primeyarc – originalprojects; new venue at ex-Debenhams department store in Market Gates Shopping Centre – featuring the Yarmouth Springs Eternal project, plus the work of other visiting artists and arts collectives, including Bill Vine, Company Drinks, Jacques Nimki, James Alridge and Jason Evans
  • Conference hosted by the exhibition artists, exploring artist’s relationship with the natural world and environmentally-connected arts practice
  • Public walks/workshops during the exhibition, led by Genevieve Rudd, Jacques Nimki and Jason Evans
  • Resource pack to celebrate the project launching on the Summer Solstice in June, a booklet of participatory nature-inspired creative activities
  • Plus paid commissions for artists and arts workers to support with online and print marketing, including Supporting Your Art and Red Herring Press, and project delivery support

Repaired flint wall and birch tree shadow Gorleston-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth, captured during lockdown in Winter 2021

In 2020, reports from Mind, ONS, Royal College of Psychiatrists and other research bodies have shown that the impact of COVID and lockdown has included an increase in first-time mental illness, greater harm from housing insecurity, and that Black and Asian Minority Ethnic groups have been disproportionately affected.

Yarmouth Springs Eternal was developed in response, to create space for using the natural world and arts as a lens to explore isolation and lived experiences. The group’s own perspectives will offer rich interpretations to inform deeper reflections on cultural heritage, access to nature and inequality. The project will engage culturally and linguistically diverse communities and adults who have experienced homelessness, currently based in Great Yarmouth.

In a recent report by Mind on COVID and mental health, ‘walking’ and ‘making art’ were cited as positive coping strategies, with ‘spending time outdoors’ said to be used by 67% of adults during the pandemic in 2020.

Using Market Gates Shopping Centre in Great Yarmouth (a space devoid of nature) as a base for walking explorations, we’ll listen, look, smell, touch and taste to share the experience of actively seeking out hope and watching spring unfold together. Participants will witness and record their plant and nature discoveries through photography, writing, drawing and design workshops. The creative techniques used will be environmentally-sustainable.

Before the project launched, in February 2021, I put some thoughts together in a blog post for Norfolk & Norwich Festival on the project ethos and inspiration: When Nature Meets Arts: Creating Resilience in the Outdoors.

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